What kind of Design does the market want in 2020?

![detail-artikel-1-3.jpg]( In a company it’s logo design, web design and packaging design that ultimately determine whether a product is attractive to buyers. In addition, changes in market tastes are occurring rapidly, so [digital marketers must be observant in order to meet market tastes]( Design is more than just a logo; design can comprise of images, borders or even unique fonts that complete your desired aesthetic. This aesthetic is what connects your company to your brand, and then to your customer. The main goal of marketing is to create engagement between the company and it’s customers - this is often exclusively dependent on your design and packaging. Without the right design, public trust in the products we market will not be high. Of course this is related to human nature, which dictates that we, as humans, are always interested in things that trigger our senses, particularly our most powerful sense: sight. Design itself is the colour, fragrance and structure of the flowers to attract bees. Imagine apple before it had it’s strong branding or signature style; apart from offering superior features, probably no one would have ever valued apple as much as they do now. Furthermore, Apple products have a signature design that is simpler than other products but has a high aesthetic value. The designs that tend to be excessive in fact do not give the image of a product that has high prestige value. Apple product design emphasize edgy and clean minimalism that has a futuristic effect on the product. ## Then what kind of designs are in vogue in 2020? ### Something unique Market trade is very dynamic; without renewal it is very likely that our products will be less competitive than other products. Therefore, when creating a product, design needs to be well thought out. Products that have a unique and signature style will be difficult for competitors to compete with. In addition, if a product has its own uniqueness, this will add to the perceived value of the product. Therefore, in 2020 the uniqueness of a product is very important because nowadays there are more and more companies in competition, hence more and more designs. To stand out, you definitely need to be unique. ![image-artikel-3-1.jpg]( ### Outside-the-box thinking Deconstruction and outside-the-box concepts become very well-known nowadays – this is not only in literary theory, but in many aspects in our daily lives we adopt the concept of deconstruction. Rebelling against old concepts is seen as sexy - this is especially invigorating for the many people who have monotonous, boring modern life. As a designer you should understand how to win over the customer's heart, you need to understand the psychological aspects of the market, so that customers feel a personal closeness to the products we market – perceiving personality and charm. Old concepts that are deconstructed can attract the attention of many customers who seek this kind of renewal in their own lives. ### Something simple Being modest is one of the newest features of these products, and one of the most sought after. Going simple will avoid a lot of confusion so you can focus on your real idea, without unnecessary complication. Modern society values simplicity since nowadays life changing very fast, and human always try to adapt, hence a lot of people are extremely busy and have a lot to handle at the same time. For these people, simplicity could is even more refreshing. ![image-artikel-3-2.jpg]( ### Something aesthetic People are crazy about aesthetic. We can see how so many things adopt this idea, from a coffee shop, to a book cover, restaurant, or even brand packaging. People try to maximize this concept so much. We cannot deny aesthetic design can be a distraction, however it also giving us a lot of satisfaction. The aesthetic invites the customers curiosity, and in the era of social media, people freely express them self without any boundary to the world – it appears that anyone can be an artist, chef, or anything they want. Each of these people have the desire to represent themselves with a unique aesthetic to suit needs. Work to uncover what makes your business unique and create a brand story that engages not only your customers. Engage with the best, credible and trusted agency to [develop your brand strategy from creating unique design that represent your brand story]( You can use this guide to help you create the best design for yourself or for your customers by understanding their wants and needs. If you own a company you need to [find out what your brand really represent and meet the best designer](

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