Free Download Sites For Mock Up

![detail-artikel-1-2.jpg]( As a designer, mockup can simplify your work because you can see a preview of the design before it is realized into real objects. Mockup is a visual media that is used to preview a concept with additional visual effects so that it looks like its real form. There is so many free mockup download sites that you can easily access to help your work. Here are 5 free mockup website sites that you can visit. ![image-artikel-2-1.jpg]( ### 1. Freepik Freepik is the leading website for vector design, illustrations, photos and templates. This site has a collection of various styles, such as minimalism, retro, and urban. At, more than 600 million images are available as vectors, icons, stock photos, and psd. ### 2. GraphicBurger This website is one of the favorite websites for downloading mockups, because almost every day there are always new mockups, which makes us want to try them. Some of the visual assets that you can use have been divided into several groups, such as free files, templates, mockups, icons, vectors, textures, graphics, and many more. ### 3. Mockup Catalog From its name, we already known that the Mockup Catalog website is a site for downloading mockups. You can get a lot of advantages when visiting the mockupcatalog. Apart from the mockup, this free webpage comes with a wide selection of typefaces and fonts. For example, Anodina Font, Mont Font, Morganite Typeface, Gorgeous Typeface, and many more. ### 4. Pixel Buddha The advantage of Pixel Buddha is apart from providing various free mockups, you can also get other visual support media that you can also get for free. The visual media available are icons, power point templates, UI kits, and so on. ![image-artikel-2-2.jpg]( ### 5. Mockup Design This site has a simple and clean UI design that is very easy to operate. In addition, the simple UI design is guaranteed to make you feel at home for a long time looking for inspiration here. There are thousands of designs that you can find and are certainly easy to download. Available in various highly recommended variants with visuals that look elegant like five-star quality. ### 6. Pixeden There are tons of mockups that you can download on this website, it's even known that there are around thirty-three million mockups available for you to download. Pixeden comes with many advantages. One of the advantages earlier is that it provides mockups of tens of millions of them. The second advantage is that you can download great blog templates on this website. Apart from that, Pixeden also provides fonts that you can customize to your taste or design. Different fonts, different themes are brought from a design.

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