Digital Marketing Trends in 2020

![detail-artikel-1-4.jpg]( 2020 is truly a digital era, everything is in our hands. You can access the entire world through your personal five-inch screen. You can visit the Sahara Dessert from the comfortable sofa in your home. You can order a porcelain set to make your dinner date perfect while on your train journey back home. Our lives have been made easier with today's technology, optimizing of the use of mobile phones, which have helped us minimalize the amount of time, money and energy we spend in our daily lives. The more the world develops, the more we are required to be practical and observant in taking care of our daily needs. Therefore, there are many companies competing to provide various services that offer to simplify our daily need for information, goods and even experiences. In 2020, conventional marketing will no longer be able to attract customers effectively. [Digital marketing]( is indispensable to in making our business and products successful in the marketplace. Digital marketing is a marketing component that utilizes internet-based and online digital technologies, such as desktop computers, cell phones and other digital media and platforms to promote products and services. In 2020, mobile phone maximization is growing rapidly. Experts predict that there will be more than 3.8 billion smartphone users in 2021. This opportunity should be used by digital marketers to keep up to date with market trends that will continue to grow. There is a demand for digital marketing to be more practical and more accessible via mobile phones, in addition, 61% of mobile searchers are more likely to use services or products from local businesses that have mobile-friendly sites, meaning that web designers should learn to adapt to this new trend. Mobile web design was a digital marketing system that took advantage of phone screen use with the aim of creating the best possible website user experience for smartphone users. The basic principle of mobile-first design is to prioritize a minimalist and simple marketing design, so that users can easily access all the information in their hand. The designer must prioritize the elements of the website that are most important to create a solid base for the work form. Mobile-first web design is clearly superior form of web design, considering the number of users who can be netted using this one marketing system. # What are the benefits that can be obtained from this digital marketing design? ![image-artikel-4-1.jpg]( ### Google ranking Currently, Google has used the mobile first[ index]( for more than half of all global web pages considering that mobile phones are the most used gadget on the market. Mobile-first indexing means Google will check the mobile version of a website to rank it before creating the desktop version - by using a mobile-first design strategy a web designer can increase the chances of getting a higher ranking on Google. The higher the web ranking on Google, the more likely your website is to be to be visited. ### Cellular Conversion A mobile-first design strategy can increase conversation speed with customers as they can easily access your web. The more people accessing via cell phone, the more trusted a mobile website is by users, hence the number of conversations increase, leading to increased growth of your business as well. More visibility means more prospective customers. ![image-artikel-4-2.jpg]( ### Mobile First Web is Content First In designing web content that prioritizes mobile users, we need to be aware of the way in which the content is viewed, because browsing on mobile may be very different from browsing on desktop. People who try to browse through cell phones are those looking for simple and fast information - Content for mobile-first designs needs careful consideration in order to appear clear and balanced. The designer needs to understand what users need to know in advance or what information is most important. Designing this way will make UX much simpler as well giving the designer the opportunity to exclude unnecessary elements in order to focus on the most important parts. This doesn't mean that additional information isn't essential, but designers need to consider what users are looking for and what their goals are as there will be a variety of compromises in designing for mobile interfaces – not all of the information can be immediately accessible, as it might be on a larger, desktop interface. Of all the elements I mentioned above, Mobile first gives you more advantages as it is the most wanted feature people need to make their life simpler and easier ###### **Read More:** [Strategi Digital Marketing Paling Efektif untuk Kembangkan Bisnis](

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